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Matcha's Metabolic Mission

Matcha's Metabolic Mission

Just knowing the fact that matcha can help people shed pounds and trim inches from their mid-section is enough for some to try the specially grown and processed green tea with pleasure. Add the statement that it can also help make our skin looks younger, and it will motivate more people to scour supermarkets, health stores and the Internet to get a hold of the wonder powder. Many still, will sidetrack from their usual espresso orders from their favorite coffeehouses in favor of the green-colored lattes. 

Matcha and the Marvels of Metabolism

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Metabolism is basically the process of breaking down organic matters that enters our body and rebuilding them as cell components such as nucleic acids and proteins that fuels our body. A healthy metabolic rate does not only help keep your body in great shape, it likewise lowers the risk of hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, cancers and other life-threatening illnesses. This is due to the fact that the process likewise helps removes toxins and free radicals from our body and maintains our digestive system’s well being.

Our metabolic rate though, starts to slow down after the age of 20, making it more essential to stick to a healthy diet and an active lifestyle from that point on. It is of course, easier said than done in our time, when most people perform their respective jobs sitting down, and when almost everyone’s daily diets are supplemented with processed foods.

Matcha is a very promising supplement to counteract said metabolic decline, as it is known to contain voluminous amount of polyphenols that include EGCG’s (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), a known metabolic enhancer. Its effect of course, can be optimized in combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle. It doesn’t mean that matcha is all you need to melt the body fats away. One study concludes however, that the EGCG content of a cup of matcha significantly increases the body’s fat-burning capability by more than 15% when combined with a 30-minute moderate-intensity workout.

The Tale of the Two Thermogenics  

Matcha’s abundant EGCG and caffeine content stimulates the process of thermogenesis in our metabolic system, which in turn increases energy outflow, accelerates fat oxidation and reduces hunger and appetite. The said substances also help speed up the body’s recovery rate after an intense workout, keeping it active much longer.

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A study on two groups of men with similar BMI’s was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2008. Members of both groups are provided with similar diets and sets of daily activities, but the participants in the first group are given a daily bottle of green tea with more than 600mg of catechins, while the rest are given a daily serving of tea with less than 25mg of the said substance. After 12 weeks, the men in the first group did not only show significantly lower subcutaneous fat around their waists, there was also a dramatic drop in their LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglyceride levels. 

Antioxidants Against Aging

Matcha’s catechin-rich composition not only aids in revving up our metabolism, they likewise bombard our body with antioxidants that protects our skin from rapid cell degeneration caused by daily exposure to Ultraviolet-B radiation and various environmental pollutants. EGCG is also a potent agent against inflammation, thus helping rid our body with acne and other types of bacterial skin rashes and breakouts.

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The traditional way of growing camellia sinensis plants under the shade to make high-grade matcha powders has been practiced in Japan for several centuries. Early farmers only meant to maintain the leaves’ vibrant green color in the finished products, and are completely oblivious of the scientific fact that the plants produce and retain higher amount of chlorophyll through this method. The said plant nutrient is a powerful detoxifying agent that neutralizes and removes toxins and harmful chemicals in our system. It likewise helps in retaining natural moisture in our skin and protecting it from various impurities.

Because of the said natural properties, matcha is now increasingly used as a nourishing ingredient for various beauty products like facial masks, night creams, soaps and body scrubs.


Matcha is more than just an all-natural supplement to our beauty and fitness regimens. Let us not forget that first and foremost, it makes highly enjoyable hot or cold beverages and can be used to enhance both the taste and nutritional values of various desserts and savory dishes.

You can take pleasure in matcha’s unique and pleasant piquancy and reap its health benefits in many different ways. You can drink it in the traditional Japanese way wherein a small amount of powder is merely whisked in a bowl of hot water, or relish its flavor in various innovative concoctions such as matcha latte (with milk), fruit smoothies and iced cocktails. You can also have it in dessert items like cheesecake, ice cream, custard fillings for pastries and more.

Furthermore, you can grab a lot of delicious matcha drink and food creations from various restaurants, cafes and stores. You can likewise make some on your own in the comforts of your home, by buying a good quality matcha powder and getting your hands on some great recipes online or from various publications.